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Belmont Intelligent Motion Co., Ltd. is a globalized professional fans company established in 2001. Over the years of its successful operation, Belmont has become a trusted manufacturer and suppliers of fans by many customers worldwide. Specialized in research and development of intelligent fan products with wholesale price, Belmont delivers only the most fitting products tailored to customers’ needs!

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BELMONT is a professional fan manufacturer with more than 20 years of history in China, offering a wide range of ventilation equipment products to customers from all over the world…read more

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axial fan vs radial fan

Guide to AC Radial Plug Fans Efficient Cooling Solutions

In the realm of cooling technology, plug-in AC fans stand out as versatile and effective solutions for a wide range of applications. These fans provide a convenient and energy-efficient way to circulate air, maintain optimal temperatures, and enhance comfort in...


axial fan vs radial fan

How Does Plug In Thermostat For Fan Work?

As a leading manufacturer of AC plug fans, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge cooling solutions that enhance comfort and energy efficiency. Plug-in thermostats for fans represent a significant advancement in personal cooling technology, offering a blend of...



What are ec plug fans and why are they more efficient?

What are ec plug fans and why are they more efficient? An Electrically Commutated EC plug fans use a brushless EC motor in a backward curved motorized impeller plug fan. The EC motor is actually a DC motor that can be connected to an AC supply line, due to a...



Quality DC Radial Plug Fan – BMF192 Introduction

Refer to Industrial Fan, actually there are many types, such as plug in extractor fan, plug in vent fan, etc. BELMONT is a leading China plug in fan manufacturer and supplier, specializing in the production of high-quality ventilation solutions for various...



DC Radial Plug Fan BMF220 A Superior Ventilation Solution by BELMONT

Around Industrial fans worlds, there are many types of fans to meet customers demand. Meanwhile, they will include plug in garage ceiling fan, Radial Plug Fan, Axial Fans and so on. BELMONT is a leading China plug in vent fan factory, specializing in the production...


forward curved centrifugal fan

BELMONT BMF500: A Reliable Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan

BELMONT is a leading China plug in kitchen exhaust fan factory, specializing in the production of high-quality ventilation solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With over a decade of experience in the industry, BELMONT has established...


Why Choose EC Fans for AHU?

Choosing electronically commutated (EC) fans for Air Handling Units (AHUs) offers several advantages over traditional AC fans: Energy Efficiency: EC general fans are significantly more energy-efficient compared to AC fans. They use brushless DC motors...


Belmont Axial Fans

Why Belmont Axial Fans Stand Out?

Belmont Fan, with 24 years of expertise, excels in crafting top-notch axial fans. Our reputation rests on the reliability, efficiency, and adaptability of our products. Let's delve deeper into why Belmont axial fans are a preferred option in the industry....



Versatile Plug-In Fans for Home Cooling and Ventilation

Leading manufacturer BELMONT offers a range of affordable and efficient plug-in fans for various residential applications. Whether you need exhaust ventilation for the kitchen or portable air conditioning, BELMONT has solutions to help keep your living space...


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