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Being a prominent manufacturer and supplier of EC axial fans in China, BELMONT consistently offers a selection of premium EC axial fans at competitive wholesale rates. Our meticulously crafted products are designed for longevity and reliability, guaranteeing our customers unparalleled performance and contentment.

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BELMONT Always Produces And Supplies EC Fans

We at BELMONT, as a reputable supplier or manufacturer, will provide a wide range of EC axial fan options, OEM services and efficient after-sales support to ensure customers get the best performance and satisfaction. EC axial fans are a type of fan that uses an electronically commutated (EC) motor to drive the fan blades:

  • Axial fans have blades that blow air parallel to the axis of rotation, allowing airflow in the same direction as the fan shaft.
  • EC motors are brushless DC electric motors with built-in speed control circuitry.

The Benefits Of Using EC Axial Fans:

  • EC axial fans are more energy-efficient than traditional AC motors.
  • EC axial fans can be controlled more precisely than traditional AC motors.
  • EC axial fans are quieter than traditional AC motors.
  • EC axial fans have a longer life than normal AC motors.

Advantages Of EC Axial Fans Compared To Traditional AC Fans Include:

  • Higher energy efficiency, especially when using variable speed control. EC motors are up to 75% more efficient than AC induction motors.
  • Precise flow control by varying motor speed according to demand. This prevents over-ventilation and saves energy.
  • Longer service life with no brushes or commutator to wear out.
  • Easy integration with automation and control systems.
  • Compact size with high torque at low speeds.

Wide Range Of Applications Of EC Axial Fans From BELMONT

EC axial fans have a good choice for applications where energy efficiency and precise control are important. EC axial fans are typically used in applications such as:

  • Ventilation
  • Cooling
  • Industrial processes
  • Medical equipment

BELMONT Have Wide Range Of Products List For EC Type Fans

China is a leading manufacturer of high-quality EC axial fans. For Meeting the demand of oversea customers, we produce kinds of quality EC axial fans. No matter light weight or heavy weight types, lower speed or higher speed. Concreted specifications scopes as below:

  • Net weight may from 5.3 kg to 10.5 kg.
  • Speed of EC fans are from 1170 r/min to 1600 r/min.
  • Power input could be from 100W to 516W.
  • Noise index will be 63 to 75 dB(A).