AC Centrifugal Fan Comparing To EC Centrifugal Fan – Both Of Fans Exported By BELMONT

Apr 3, 2024 | Industry Information

When choosing industrial fans for moving air, centrifugal fans are a top choice due to their high airflow capacity and pressure. Leading Chinese manufacturer Belmont exports both AC and EC centrifugal fan models worldwide. As leading centrifugal fans manufacturers and supplier in China, let’s compare key aspects to understand their uses. So that, the customers choose the proper ac centrifugal fan or ec types products easily.

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AC VS. EC Technology

Traditionally,  AC (alternating current) fans utilize standard electric motors. These function reliably but consumption is fixed relative to airflow needs. EC (electronically commutated) fans integrate intelligent variable speed drives. Sensors monitor pressure/vacuum levels and automatically modulate fan speeds accordingly through inverter control.

Energy Efficiency

EC fans consume up to 80% less energy than AC cousins since their motors only draw as much power as required. This massive savings slashes operational costs, especially for intermittent demand applications like tunnels or smoke extraction. With no wastage of excess capacity, payload efficiencies likewise improve.

Speed & Performance

AC motors run at set speeds as per design. Modifying airflow demands redesigning or switching fans. EC versions seamlessly adjust rotational velocity through thousands of RPMs instantly on demand via software. Perfect matching to application needs optimizes performance at all times.

Setup & Maintenance

AC fan setup requires expert sizing calculations and often additional ducting. EC variants plug & play intuitively with monitoring programs. Remote diagnostic access streamlines troubleshooting while sensor feedback aids predictive maintenance planning. No need for mechanical modifications boosts flexibility.

Price Comparison

Upfront investment for EC models exceeds AC variants, offset by longevity and energy returns. Total lifetime costs including installation and power consumption favor EC within 2-3 years, accelerating savings thereafter up to 25+ years’ lifetimes. For round-the-clock industrial use or large holdings, EC investments pay quickly.


AC suits general low-pressure applications. EC excels where precise airflow modulation, ventilation performance or energy management take priority – clean-rooms, machine cooling, tunnel ventilation, greenhouse climate control and data center applications. Interchangeability permits upgrading.

Both Belmont AC and EC centrifugal fans fulfill requirements but EC delivers unrivaled control and long term benefits. These warrant its increased initial cost, paying back substantially through reduced waste and future-ready automation.

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