AC Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan BMF450

1.A duct fan not only shares the characteristics of convenient installation as axial flow fan, but also the characteristics of high pressure, stable airflow, low noise and high efficiency as centrifugal fan.

2.Application: building ventilation, coil ventilation, etc.

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Product description


Forward curved centrifugal fan -AC -450~500

Size(mm)SupplyPolesVoltage(V)Frequency(Hz)Power Input(W)Current(A)Max airflow(m³/h)Speed(rpm)Noise(dBA)Amb.temp.perm.(℃)Mass(kg)Insulation
4503P,200~240/380~440V △/Y6230/40050350010.4/6.07500@45093087-25~+4035F
4503P,200~240/380~440V △/Y8230/4005020007.13/4.17200@18068080-25~+5035F

Base features

Supply:3P,200~240/380~440V △/Y, 50 Hz
Max airflow:7200 m³/h (static pressure=180Pa)
Noise:80 dB(A)
Protection class:IP54
Insulation class:F
Bearings:maintenance-free ball bearings


Structure features

Impeller material:Galvanised sheet steel
Inlet type:Single Inlet
Impeller type:Forward curved impeller
Housing type:Nothing
With inlet ring
Net weight:35 kg


Motor features

Motor poles:8
Voltage:230/400 VAC
Power input:2000 W
Current:7.13/4.1 A
Speed:680 r/min


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