Versatile Plug-In Fans for Home Cooling and Ventilation

May 27, 2024 | Industry Information

Leading manufacturer BELMONT offers a range of affordable and efficient plug-in fans for various residential applications. Whether you need exhaust ventilation for the kitchen or portable air conditioning, BELMONT has solutions to help keep your living space comfortable.

plug in ac fan

Plug-In Exhaust Fans for Kitchen Ventilation

No kitchen is complete without proper ventilation to remove odors, smoke and moisture. BELMONT’s plug in exhaust fans provide an easy way to install ventilation without the need for wiring or ductwork. Key benefits include:

  • Compact sizes fit above cabinets or windows within 6 to 12 inch diameter spaces.
  • Powerful motors ranging from 80 to 350 CFM suit kitchens of all sizes.
  • Adjustable speeds and timers control airflow as needed.
  • Installs easily with mounting brackets—just plug into a wall outlet.

Common uses are venting ranges, microwaves, dishwashers or island cooking surfaces. The quiet yet strong suction removes airborne particles for a more pleasant cooking environment.

Portable Air Conditioners for Flexible Cooling

On hot days, BELMONT plug-in AC fans keep spaces comfortable without permanent installation. Users can easily:

  • Plug into standard wall outlets and move fans where needed.
  • Oscillating or stationary airflow distributes cool breeze around any room.
  • Contemporary styles blend with décor yet feature durable plastic construction.
  • Powerful cooling at 8,000-14,000 BTU/H suits spaces 100-300 sq. ft.
  • Adjustable thermostats, timers and fan speeds customize the cooling experience.
  • Dehumidifying models remove excess moisture for year-round comfort.

Bedrooms, home offices, garages benefit from portable units that cool specific areas without running central air. Lighter weight also allows lifting units between floors.

Plug In AC Fan VS Exhaust Fan For Kitchen

  • Ventilation purpose – Exhaust fans are designed specifically to vent cooking smells, smoke and moisture out of the kitchen. A standard plug in AC fan circulates air within a room but does not actively vent outside.
  • Airflow – Exhaust fans have much higher airflows, ranging from 80-350 CFM, to effectively pull and remove air from the kitchen. AC fans are aimed at area cooling and may not have strong enough airflow for proper ventilation.
  • Installation – Exhaust fans are meant to sit above the stove/cooktop to directly capture and vent cooking fumes outdoors. An AC fan would need to be placed correctly to achieve the same function.
  • Odors – Circulating air with an AC fan may not fully remove odors from the kitchen over time like an exhaust fan will by venting smells to the outside.
  • Safety – Exhaust fans help prevent dangerous gases/particulates from building up near stovetops. An AC fan could accidentally blow fumes back into the kitchen.

Additional Applications Of Plug In Ac Fan

Whether industrial, agricultural or commercial, these versatile plug-in fans handle various ventilation tasks:

  • Server rooms, workshops – Cool electronic equipment without ducting challenges.
  • Barns, greenhouses – Exchange air and control humidity during plant growth cycles.
  • Basements, attics – Reduce moisture and odor with occasional ventilation.
  • Patios, porches – Blow heat away and swat insects with unobtrusive fans.

As a leading ventilation manufacturer, BELMONT ensures all plug-in fans meet rigorous international safety standards. Contact us to discuss the right residential or commercial ventilation solution for any plug-in fan application.

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