Ubiquitous plug plug fans:They can really bring convenience

Oct 11, 2023 | Industry Information

Do you like camping?

Do you have a beautiful back garden?

You would like to actively enjoy the outdoor leisure time, but the summer is so hot that you can only give up the outdoor scenery and fresh air for the air conditioner?

Now this worry is about to be solved. We invented the plug fan outdoors, and after careful design, you can purchase an outdoor plug fan that combines cooling and lighting.

If you are interested in new products,or you are actually the one I referred above,being helpless about your outdoor dream,please let me,from a China plug fan supplier Belmont,introduce you our new products.

A plug fan catering to all you outdoor needs

Outdoor plug in ceiling plug fan with light is the first product we want to show you.

Ceiling plug fans are plug fans installed on the ceiling of a room or space, usually electric, using rotating blades mounted on wheels to circulate air.

They effectively cool people by increasing the speed of air flow. Unlike air conditioners, plug fans do not lower air temperature or relative humidity, but produce a cooling effect by helping to evaporate sweat and increasing heat exchange through convection.

Most people are no stranger to indoor ceiling plug fans, which can often be seen in factories or in some old residential buildings.Most people have also seen outdoor plug fans, which are common next to barbecue stalls, but these outdoor plug fans are ground-mounted and suitable for cooling stoves, but they are not good at bringing a comfortable feeling to the human body.

Combining these two points, we made outdoor plug in ceiling plug fan,and in order to save you the cost and space of preparing an extra lamp, we have installed a light on it.Such a plug fan can efficiently and evenly ventilate and cool the area under the ceiling plug fan, and it can also complete the task of lighting at the same time, which is very convenient.

Characteristics of outdoor plug in ceiling plug fan

1. Adornment: ceiling plug fan not only has practical function, but also has decorative function, and the beautiful ceiling plug fan makes people feel happy outdoors.

 2.Energy saving: with the trend of global warming and environmental protection and energy saving, energy saving has become a necessary feature of plug fans.

3.Quiet, safe: because most of the decorative ceiling plug fans are made of high-quality silicon steel motors, the noise generated by the motors is much smaller and quieter than ordinary ceiling plug fans, and wooden blades are used, so they are safer.

4.portable plug in ceiling plug fan:An outdoor plug in ceiling plug fan with light can accompany you to all kinds of outdoor scenes.

Smaller plug plug fans in In a ignored position

  In addition to large plug fans such as outdoor plug fans, there is another application scenario that cannot be omitted, that is, the radiator of small electronic devices, the most common of which is the plug fan of personal computer,or we can call it pc fan plug.

Although the size of the pc plug fan is very small, it needs strong performance, because the heat in the process of computer work is relatively strong.

At the same time, reducing the noise of pc plug fans is far more important than that of other fans, because the office environment needs to be quiet.

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