Plug In Ac Fan For Car

  1. Engineered to function as a cohesive unit, Plug In Ac Fan For Car have the ability to assemble a fan wall. The application of EC technology increases their efficiency, with fan productivity surpassing 68% for dimensions from 192mm to 560mm.
  2. The assembly consists of a compact EC outer rotor motor, merged with an integrated control electronics drive system. This unique setup complies with the European ERP2020 standards for energy efficiency.
  3. Featuring a design devoid of Hall-effect sensors in the motor drive, it offers heightened stability and an extended service life for the motors.
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Product description

Diving Into Plug In Ac Fan For Car

An Plug In Ac Fan For Car plays a vital role as a fan type that makes use of an alternating current motor, powered by a standard power outlet. The simplicity and usability of these fans make them a favored choice for varied applications.

Favorable Factors of AC Plug Fans

Plug In Ac Fan For Car are adorned with numerous advantages:

  1. Cost-efficiency: AC plug fans, in comparison to EC (Electronically Commutated) plug fans, are less costly, positioning them as a budget-friendly ventilation system choice.
  2. Easy Management: The installation and upkeep processes of Plug In Ac Fan For Car are straightforward, with minimal components demanding replacement or repair.
  3. Proven Reliability: For steady airflow and performance, AC plug fans are trusted for their durability and reliability.

Where Can AC Plug Fans Be Used?

AC plug fans are adaptive and can be utilized across various sectors, including:

  1. HVAC Systems: For efficient airflow in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, Plug In Ac Fan For Car is used.
  2. Industrial Ventilation: To improve air quality and decrease explosion risks, AC plug fans are employed in industrial venues.
  3. Residential Ventilation: Comfortable and efficient ventilation in residential spaces is enabled by Plug In Ac Fan For Car.
  4. Commercial Use: For reliable ventilation in commercial spaces like offices or restaurants, AC plug fans are a preferred choice.


Size(mm) Supply Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz)
133 220 355 355
1P,200~277V DC,280~400V 1P,220~240V 3P,380~440V
230 230 310 400
50/60 N/A 50/60 50/60

plug in ac fan for car

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