Forward Curved Blades Centrifugal Fan

  1. Blending the valuable properties of axial flow fan’s simplicity in installation and Forward Curved Blades Centrifugal Fan’s high pressure, consistent airflow, sound reduction, and optimum efficiency, a duct fan offers versatility.
  2. Direct drive is a transmission approach that advocates a direct communication between the motor and the machine it animates, whereas a belt drive utilizes a belt to effect a connection between the motor and the served machine.
  3. Potential Application: Can be used extensively in building and coil ventilation.
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Product description

Understanding Forward Curved Blades Centrifugal Fan

A Forward Curved Blades Centrifugal Fan, featuring an impeller with forward-curled blades, paves the way for improved airflow competency and a superior pressure ratio. These features allow the fan to function at less speed, thereby cutting down on energy usage and noise levels.

Benefits of Forward Curved Blades Centrifugal Fan

Several perks are associated with forward-curved centrifugal fans:

  1. High Volume, Minimized Pressure: For applications requiring a high-grade of airflow at lesser pressure, Forward Curved Blades Centrifugal Fan are most suitable.
  2. Conserving Energy: Due to their lower operating speeds, forward-curving centrifugal fans result in scaled down energy consumption along with operational costs.
  3. Noise-Less Functions: With slower speed operation, forward-curving centrifugal fans emit lesser noise, rendering them appropriate for noise-sensitive venues.

Industries Served by Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Forward Curved Blades Centrifugal Fan cater to a variety of sectors given their adaptable nature, such as:

  1. In HVAC Systems: For maintaining efficient airflow management in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, forward-curving centrifugal fans are employed.
  2. Industrial Ventilation: In industrial setups, forward-curving centrifugal fans enable improved air quality while reducing explosion threats.
  3. Dust Collection: For efficient air movement and reduced dust dispersion in dust collection systems, forward-curving centrifugal fans are preferred.


Size(mm) Supply Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz)
160 180 160 160
1P,220~240V 1P,220~240V DC,24V 1P,200~277V
230 230 24 230
50 50/60 N/A 50/62

forward curved blades centrifugal fan

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