Forward Curve Centrifugal Fan

  1. The characteristic of a duct fan includes the ease of installation similar to an axial flow fan and high pressure, stable airflow, low noise, and high efficiency of a Forward Curve Centrifugal Fan.
  2. Direct drive represents a transmission methodology where the motor is directly connected to the machine it powers, on the other hand, a belt drive connects the motor to the machine via a belt.
  3. This has applications in areas such as building and coil ventilation.
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Product description

Decoding Forward Curve Centrifugal Fan

With an impeller that spins forward-curved blades, a Forward Curve Centrifugal Fan can maximize airflow efficiency while enhancing pressure ratio. As a result of this design, energy usage and noise production are decreased due to the lower operation speed.

Advantages of Forward Curve Centrifugal Fan

Forward-curved centrifugal fans bring numerous benefits:

  1. Optimal Airflow, Lower Pressure: Deal for high-volume airflow requirements at a lesser pressure, Forward Curve Centrifugal Fan are highly effective.
  2. Energy Preservation: Thanks to their running pattern at slower speeds, these fans help in conserving energy while reducing operational costs.
  3. Less Noise: Suitable for noise-sensitive environments, forward-curved centrifugal fans operate at lower decibels.

Uses of Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans

Given their versatile nature, Forward Curve Centrifugal Fan can serve various sectors, such as:

  1. HVAC Systems: In heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) settings, forward-curved centrifugal fans provide efficient airflow.
  2. Industrial Ventilation: These fans significantly aid in boosting air quality and minimizing explosion risks in industrial zones.
  3. Dust Collection: In dust collection setups, forward-curved centrifugal fans ensure efficient air motion and help in reducing dust emissions.


Size(mm) Supply Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz)
160 180 160 160
1P,220~240V 1P,220~240V DC,24V 1P,200~277V
230 230 24 230
50 50/60 N/A 50/61

forward curve centrifugal fan

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