Ec Fan Vs Plug Fan

  1. Constructed to perform collectively, Ec Fan Vs Plug Fan have the ability to construct a fan wall. Usage of EC technology raises efficiency levels, enabling fan performance to excel 68% for all sizes from 192mm to 560mm.
  2. It consists of an EC outer rotor motor of compact size and a unified control electronics drive system. This innovative arrangement is in accordance with European ERP2020 energy efficiency guidelines.
  3. By eliminating Hall-effect sensors from the motor drive in the design, it heightens stability and notably prolongs the motors’ lifespan.
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Product description

Ec Fan Vs Plug Fan: Key Differences

When it comes to choosing a fan for your ventilation system, two popular options are plug fans and EC (Electronically Commutated) fans. While both types of fans serve the same purpose, they differ in their design, functionality, and benefits. Please read below to understand the Ec Fan Vs Plug Fan

Plug Fan:

  • Uses an alternating current (AC) motor
  • Powered by a standard electrical outlet
  • Simpler design with fewer components
  • Generally less expensive than EC fans
  • Less energy-efficient compared to EC fans
  • Noisy operation and higher power consumption

EC Fan:

  • Uses an electronically commutated motor
  • More energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Quieter operation and lower power consumption
  • More complex design with advanced technology
  • Generally more expensive than plug fans
  • Offers precise speed control and higher performance


Size(mm) Supply Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz)
133 220 355 355
1P,200~277V DC,280~400V 1P,220~240V 3P,380~440V
230 230 310 400
50/60 N/A 50/60 50/60

ec fan vs plug fan

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