Difference Between Plug Fan And Ec Fan

  1. Difference Between Plug Fan And Ec Fan is constructed to work as a unit and has the ability to build a fan wall. The use of EC technology propels efficiency, allowing fan operations to outdo 68% for all sizes between 192mm and 560mm.
  2. Comprised of a compact EC outer rotor motor and an integrated control electronics drive system, the configuration aligns with the European ERP2020 energy efficiency specifications.
  3. The absence of Hall-effect sensors in the motor design adds to its durability and significantly extends the motor’s lifespan.
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Product description

EC Plug Fans Decoded

An EC plug fan is a distinct type of fan that utilizes an electronically commutated motor. This facilitates enhanced and precise regulation over the fan’s speed and directional flow. In comparison to conventional AC (Alternating Current) plug fans, EC plug fans function at a decreased power consumption level, resulting in impressive energy conservation and noise reduction.

Attributes of EC Plug Fans

Difference Between Plug Fan And Ec Fan comes packed with multiple advantages:

  1. Promotes Energy Efficiency: EC plug fans are lesser power consumers, establishing them as an eco-savvy and cost-effective option for various ventilation systems.
  2. Compact & Lightweight: EC plug fans, with their compact and lightweight design, are perfect for applications that are space conscious.
  3. Reduced Noise: EC plug fans operate at lower noise levels, ensuring a more satisfactory environment.
  4. Pinpoint Control: For optimal airflow circulation, Difference Between Plug Fan And Ec Fan allow for pinpoint control over fan speed and direction.

“title”: Key Differences

When it comes to choosing a fan for your ventilation system, two popular options are plug fans and EC (Electronically Commutated) fans. While both types of fans serve the same purpose, we have to know Difference Between Plug Fan And Ec Fan, actually, they differ in their design, functionality.

Size(mm) Supply Voltage(V) Frequency(Hz)
133 220 355 355
1P,200~277V DC,280~400V 1P,220~240V 3P,380~440V
230 230 310 400
50/60 N/A 50/60 50/60

difference between plug fan and ec fan

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