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Oct 13, 2023 | Industry Information

Plug in fans such as exhaust plug in fans are widely used in family life, and the demand for all kinds of plug in fans in the household market is even no less than that of industry, because as long as it is an airtight space, as long as there is a crowd, there must be a plug in fan demand. sometimes it needs to cool down, sometimes it needs to breathe, and sometimes it needs to smell.

A set of normal exhaust system is not only the basic configuration of a residential house, but also the basic requirement of a comfortable life.

So what should be paid attention to in the selection and use of home plug in fans?

Please listen to the introduction of Belmont from China.

Different functions of household plug in fans in different scenes

Function of cooling and dispelling flavor:

 When you see this description, you will immediately realize where the plug in fan I want to mention here is and where the temperature is the highest.

Where is the easiest place to produce smells and lampblack that need to be discharged? There’s no doubt it’s the kitchen.

The function of the plug in extractor fan kitchen can be said to be closely related to human health, and even life, because the kitchen uses open fire to produce a variety of smoke and odors, including a lot of harmful particles, many ingredients will also produce irritating gases in the cooking process.If these gases are not discharged in time, people will soon have nausea and other reactions, and they will suffer from various diseases over a long period of time.

Ventilation and odor-dispersing function:

What I want to mention here is the plug in bathroom fan, the bathroom in many houses includes the bath area and the toilet area, which makes the bathroom need a plug in fan to perform two functions: one is to ventilate in time when taking a bath to prevent people from getting dizzy, but to remove the smell of feces and improve the bathroom environment.

Cooling and ventilation function

 This function has some special features compared with the other two, because it is mainly aimed at outdoor needs, that is, outdoor plug in ceiling fan for gazebo.Ceiling plug in fan can function more evenly to a area like gazebo.With a plug in fan people’s time at the gazebo will be improved.

Choose a reliable plug in fan supplier matters

 It is very unpleasant to encounter an exhaust plug in fan that suddenly breaks down or does not run smoothly in your home life. In order to reduce unnecessary troubles and troubles in your life, it is important to choose a first-class supplier like ours in China.Belmont provides plug in fans with high quality,and also offer buyers fine service.You can truly trust us,because we have clients from all over the world in long-term deal.

Next we would like to share some plug in fan installation considerations.

Warnings on plug in fan installation

1. The installation should be as close as possible to the original air duct tuyere, in line with the principle of the shortest pipeline, the installation must be reliable and firm, and the distance between the exhaust plug in fan and the ground is more than 2.5 meters.

In addition, the exhaust plug in fan should also be installed in the beauty to do some consideration.

2. When using the socket for power supply, the power cord of the exhaust plug in fan should be connected with a plug that meets the safety standard, and the plug should be as far away from the position where moisture is easy to produce as far as possible, which accords with the principle of highest efficiency.

3. When installing the exhaust plug in fan, you should also be careful not to install it directly above the air outlet part of the air conditioner, otherwise it will not only waste resources, but also produce airflow to make the body feel uncomfortable.

If customers encounter any difficulties in the process of installation and use, we warmly welcome your consultation. It has always been our principle to provide quality goods and services to consumers.

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