Perfect fans for limited room is here:plug fans

Oct 10, 2023 | Industry Information

Plug fans are centrifugal/industrial fans that usually have no housing, also known as open type fans. They are mainly used for hot air circulation, in autoclave fans or dust collectors where they are mounted directly on the housing. This fan is usually designed according to specifications such as the operating temperature, the required circulation, the required airflow, the pressure in the fan chamber and the operating density of the fan inlet.

Plug Fans make the fan a unit that can form a fan wall.The non-hall motor drive design renders more stability and longer service life to the motors.

Today Belmont,China like to introduce buyers plug fans.

How to select the right plug fan

 A plug fan is a type of wind turbine whose main feature is that it can be inserted into a building or other structure, thus making the best use of wind energy resources without taking up too much space. With the growing global demand for renewable energy, plug-in wind turbines are playing an increasingly important role in energy efficiency and green energy.

Plug fan selection needs to consider the following factors:

  • Flow rate: the flow rate of the insertion fan is usually expressed in cubic metres per hour. When selecting the type, you need to accurately determine the flow rate of the selected insertion fan.
  • Wind pressure: ambient air quality itself will also have an impact on the parameters of the insert fan.
  • Noise: insertion fan will usually emit a certain noise. Therefore, in the selection, should also pay attention to reduce noise generation, in order to improve the comfort of the working environment.
  • Energy consumption:selection of insertion fans, should also consider the energy consumption of insertion fans. Excellent insertion fan can improve energy efficiency at the same time, reduce operating costs.

To get satisfactory results in all these aspects, buyers have to choose their supplier carefully, and the current Chinese suppliers are doing a better and better job.

Application for plug fans

  1. Home use scenarios; Plug-in fans can be very convenient to solve the problems of poor ventilation and poor airflow that exist in the home. It can be placed anywhere in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. and will not take up much space.
  2. Factory use scenarios; in factories, plug-in fans are often used to solve the problem of heat dissipation in machine rooms, cabinets and other small spaces, as well as cleaning the air, removing odours and other issues.
  3. Office use scenarios; In the office, plug-in fans can effectively solve the problems of poor air circulation and stuffy office environment. This kind of fan is not only low noise, but also very energy efficient, very suitable for use in offices and other popular occasions.

 In these application scenarios, the wall fan plug in can solve the air circulation problem efficiently and low-noise and does not take up any extra space.

Warnings about the installation of plug fans

Verify that the power supply is matched. The plug-in fan’s power supply should be an exact match for your equipment or system, including voltage, frequency, and current.

Check the installation location. When installing the fan, make sure it is positioned to facilitate airflow and does not interfere with the operation of other equipment.

Follow the instructions for installation. Do not attempt to install it yourself without fully understanding the instructions, as this may cause damage or safety issues.

New trends in plug fans

  Fan usb plug has been hot among buyers lately and manufacturers are making and commissioning them.The performance of Belmont,China’s current products has reached the standard, which will make the plug-in fan not only save space, but also flexible.

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