Centrifugal fans are a huge system: currents and forms vary greatly

Oct 9, 2023 | Industry Information

Centrifugal fan is a kind of slave fluid machinery which relies on the input mechanical energy to raise the gas pressure and discharge the gas. Centrifugal fans are widely used for ventilation, dust removal and cooling in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; ventilation and induced draft in boilers and industrial kilns; cooling and ventilation in air conditioning equipment and household electrical equipment; drying and sorting of grains; and inflation and propulsion in wind tunnels and hovercrafts.

Centrifugal fans can be classified into a number of categories based on their operating principle and appearance characteristics. The common classifications of centrifugal fans will be described by Belmont,Chian below.

Forward curved centrifugal fan and backward curved centrifugal fan

The difference between a forward and backward curved fan is based on the rotation of the impeller. Depending on the application, one type may be better suited to it than the other.

Forward curved impellers are normally used to supply high volumes of air at low operating speeds in compact installations. They are also suitable for applications requiring a constant air flow or a constant pressure supply.

Backward curved impellers typically have a smaller number of longer blades with the blades facing away from the direction of rotation. Relative to the direction of rotation, the blades are curved backwards from the inner edge to the outer edge, and may be shaped in the form of a plate or in the form of an air film.

 Forward curved centrifugal fanS are very versatile and widely recognised in many industries. Forward curved centrifugal fan can be further categorised into DC forward curved centrifugal fan and AC forward curved centrifugal fan.

AC forward curved centrifugal fan and AC centrifugal plug fan

Besides forward and backward curved centrifugal fans,there are another type called centrifugal plug fan.Centrifugal plug fans are direct drive fans that do not require belts or VFDs. They are easy to install, low noise, maintenance free and more efficient than typical forward curved centrifugal fans.Centrifugal plug fans are designed to draw air in vertically and discharge it horizontally. AC centrifugal plug fan is also a popular type.

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Application and principal of types of centrifugal fans

  AC centrifugal fans generally use switching or frequency regulation control, which can change the speed and airflow by controlling the voltage or frequency. While DC centrifugal fans often use PWM speed control, which can adjust the speed and airflow according to the demand, and the control is more accurate.

  DC centrifugal fans for its low noise, low power consumption, long life, large air volume and other characteristics. It is used in household heaters, small air purifiers, small electronic and electrical equipment to dissipate heat.AC centrifugal fans, compared with DC centrifugal fans, are simple, easy to manufacture, more solid, and easy to make into high speed, high voltage, high current, and large capacity motors because they do not have a commutator.

 The plug centrifugal fan’s “cartridge” design makes it ideal for ovens, dryers, freezers and other high-capacity systems. The forward curved centrifugal fan is widely used in automatic control devices, forced ventilation of electronic equipment, indoor duct dust removal, exhaust, heat removal, environmental protection, air purification and pollution control.The backward curved centrifugal fan is mainly used for purification workbench, purification unit, ventilation duct dust removal, purification air conditioning system, environmental protection and pollution control and other refrigeration equipment supporting work.

New emerging technology:EC centrifugal fans

EC (Electrical Commutation) fan refers to the fan using permanent magnet synchronous motor driven by electronic controller, which realises the small size and high efficiency of DC fan, and has the high reliability and better control performance of AC fan. EC fan realises the precise control of parameters such as rotational speed, air volume and pressure through electronic controller, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and noise, and improve the efficiency and life of the fan. Energy consumption and noise, and improve the efficiency and life of the fan.

EC centrifugal plug fans are currently used in air treatment, ventilation, refrigeration, freezing equipment, fresh air systems and other fields.

Given that this technology has not yet reached full maturity, we advise buyers to choose a reliable supplier like Belmont,China, who offers EC centrifugal plug fans professional design to protect your experience.

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