Axial fans of different working current for buyers to choose from

Oct 12, 2023 | Industry Information

The axial axial fan has a wide range of uses, that is, the air flow in the same direction with the blade, such as the electric axial fan, the external axial fan of the air conditioner is the axial axial fan. It is called “axial flow” because the gas flows parallel to the wind turbine shaft.

axial axial fan is usually used in situations where the flow requirement is higher and the pressure requirement is lower. The axial axial fan is fixed in position and moves the air. axial axial fan is mainly composed of axial fan impeller and housing, the structure is simple, but the data requirements are very high.

We are a first-class manufacturer of axial axial fans in China,we are Belmont with rich experience and professional team, and have been working in the field of axial axial fans for many years. Our theme today is: how to choose an axial axial fan.

Working principle of axial axial fan

When the impeller rotates, the gas enters the impeller axially from the air inlet, and the energy of the gas is increased by the push of the blade on the impeller, and then flows into the guide vane.

The guide vane changes the deflection flow into axial flow, and at the same time, the gas is introduced into the expansion tube, and the kinetic energy of the gas is further converted into pressure energy, and finally introduced into the working pipeline.

The blade of an axial axial fan works in a manner similar to that of an aircraft wing. However, the latter acts lift upward on the wing and supports the weight of the aircraft, while the axial axial fan holds the position and moves the air.

The cross section of axial axial fan is generally wing section. The blade can be fixed in position or rotate around its longitudinal axis. The angle between the blade and the air flow or the distance between the blades can be adjustable or adjustable. Changing the blade angle or spacing is one of the main advantages of axial axial fan. The angle of small blade spacing produces lower flow rate, while increasing the spacing can produce higher flow rate.

Characteristics of axial axial fan:

Small axial axial fan: low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. Because of its small size, it has a wide range of uses.

Large axial flow axial fan:has the characteristics of simple structure, stable and reliable, low noise, large air volume, wide range of function selection and so on.

Application situation of axial axial fans 

It can be used for ventilation or strengthening heat dissipation in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, food, medical equipment, machinery and civil buildings.

If the housing is removed, it can also be used as a free axial fan or installed in series at intervals in a longer exhaust pipe to increase the wind pressure in the pipe.

Working current of axial axial fans

  AC axial fans are powered by an AC power supply and are usually connected to the power grid or generator. AC axial fans have a simple design and structure and are commonly used in low-cost and simple applications, such as household electric axial fans. If you are not familiar with the operation and do not require much, please consider our ac axial axial fan factory direct supplyWe are definitely a reliable China ac axial axial fan professional manufacturer .

DC axial fan is powered by a DC power supply and can be powered by a battery or adapter. The DC axial fan has the function of adjustable speed, and the wind speed can be adjusted according to the need. They are also relatively efficient and consume less energy. In addition, their noise levels are relatively low.

EC axial fan adopts advanced electronic speed regulation technology, which combines the advantages of AC and DC axial fans. The EC axial fan has a special motor controller and sensor, which can accurately adjust the speed according to the demand.If the cost is not within your consideration, please make a note:Belmont,China offers ec axial axial fan factory direct sales.

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